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Online gambling and mobile gambling is getting more and more popular. Lots of people are active gambler on the internet or via their phone or tablet. This is for the smaller fun gamblers, but also for the professional gamblers. These so-called “High-rollers” were used to go to the real casinos. The two main reasons for the High-rollers are the casino bonus and more gamble options at the same time. The casino bonus could reach to a couple of hundred euros. It is possible to bet at more than 1 table and more slot machines.

High-roller casino bonus

Especially for high-rollers we figured out which casinos handling the best casino bonus structure. And which casinos use a special high-roller bonus.  We especially considering the bonus and promotions at the first deposit and subsequent deposits. In the overview below we summarized a top 5 of the best casinos with a high-roller bonus. We also made this top 5 with our own experiences of the casinos.

What are High-rollers?

You deserve the title High-roller when you like to play with a high limit at the casino. This means as High-roller you play with high stakes. This could include table games, but also for playing at slot machines. In physical casinos high rollers often receive a VIP treatment. The personnel knows the players and treat them different.  These players are provided with a hotel room, drinks, food and the best tables. In online and mobile casinos this is really no different. Online high-rollers are also provided as heroes, but are then awarded in a different way. They receive a much higher welcome casino bonus as the “regular” players. For example, they receive up to € 3200, – bonus when they play at This means that they can play € 3200, – for free when making a deposit.

Tips for becoming a High-roller

Eventually every online or mobile casino player wants to be a high-roller, because it means that you could win a lot of money. We have listed some tips to turn you into the high-roller;

  • Claim a multiple casino bonus in different casinos
  • Understand the bonus structure of each casino, so you get the highest return on your deposits
  • Play alternately at casinos and waits for new bonuses
  • You receive weekly mail of every casino with a casino bonus and promotion, wait for it before you make a deposit
  • Play the games in which you feel good and confidant.
  • Play table games primarily through the live casino, then you have to deal with real players

Of course we wish you success!

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