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Each month we choose a casino game from a few best tablet casinos, iPad casinos of Android casinos. This month we selected Unibet Blackjack table/card game. A nice game with good features for tablets and smartphones.

About Blackjack

The game of the month at Unibet is Blackjack, a fantastic card game which you’ll need luck and a some skills for. The Unibet Blackjack game on the tablet and mobile is simple and clear. It has little and big buttons: “Back To Lobby”, “Options”, “About”, “Bet Select”, “Deal”. When you turn the tablet or mobile, the design of the game fits easily. The buttons and the other items will be properly and clear placed in the screen. The possible bets are from ₤2 to ₤200.

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Unibet Blackjack information

When you have selected your bet en you clicked on “Deal” the game will start. The dealer (computer) deals two cards for you and two cards for the bank/dealer (himself). After the card are dealed you got some options:

  • Stand (no cards will be given to you and you hand over the turn to the computer).
  • Hit (a new card will be given to you, so you can get closer to 21).
  • Double down (double your bet and a new card will be given to you).
  • Split (this options is only shown if you have two cards with the same value. With this option you can split your cards and play further with 2 card piles).

The goalpoint of the Unibet Blackjack is to get as close as you can to 21. When you have a higher amount than your opponent, you win the round. When you have a lower amount or higher amount than 21 you lose. The point values of the cards are:

  • All cards with a number written on it (2 to 10) have as point value the number written on the card.
  • Cards with pictures (Jacks, Queens and Kings) have a point value 10.
  • The Ace has as point value 11 or 1. You can choose the value yourself. But if you have for example an Ace, a five and a nine, the Ace will automatically count as 1. Because if it doesn’t, you’ll lose automatically.

How to play Blackjack?

  • Select your bet – Select the amount you want bet.
  • Deal – The cards will be given to the player (you) and the bank/dealer.
  • Choose option – Choose from the shown options: “Stand”, “Hit”, “Double down” and “Split” (in special situations).
  • Choose new option – Choose from “New bet” (to select a new amount to bet in the next round) and “Same bet” (to use the same bet as you used the previous round).

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