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Each month we choose a casino game from a few best tablet casinos, iPad casinos of Android casinos. This month we selected Winner Roulette table game. A nice game with good features for the tablet or smartphone.

Over Roulette

The game of the month at Winner is Roulette, a nice table game which you need all but luck for. The Winner Roulette game on the tablet and mobile has a beautiful and simple design. There are different options in the game:

  • Home: Go back to the homepage
  • Pay table: Have a look at the payment ratios.
  • Options: A menu with a “Help” option and a “More Games” option.
  • Select Stake: Select the coin value you want to use to bet with.
  • Clear Table: Return all your coins from the table and begin betting again.
  • Clear One: Undo your last move/bet.
  • Spin: Let the roulette wheel spin, let the ball roll and win!

The possible stakes are from ₤0.10 to ₤100.

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Winner Roulette information

When you have selected the coin value you want to use, you can start bet in a smart and instinctive way to win money. Choose a section, line or something else you want to bet on. There are different options after you have bet some coins. If you have chanced your mind, for example, you can click the “Clear Table” button or “Clear One” button to undo one or all bets. If you click “Spin” the roulette wheel will spin and the ball will roll. When the ball has stopped, the win amount will be calculated. With the option “Pay table” you can see in which ratio the win will be distributed.

How to play Blackjack?

• Select the coin value – Select the coin value you want to bet with.
• Bet – Put in your coins on the place you want to have them.
• Clear Table (if you want to put coins on another place) – Clear the whole table and bet again.
• Clear One (if you want to undo your last move/bet) – Undo your last move/bet.
• Spin – Let the roulette wheel spin and the ball roll. The win value will be determined on the basis of the “Pay table”.

Do you want to have a try at the Winner Roulette game? Click here.Naar Winner

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